Ruling Elders and Deacons

In the Presbyterian Church, ruling elders and deacons are men and women elected by the congregation from among its members to help govern, lead, and minister to the church body. At Irondequoit Presbyterian Church, there are currently nine ruling elders who serve on the church Session.  The elders lead and administer a variety of church Mission Teams, while also providing direction and spiritual discernment for the church. Elders and deacons both are generally elected to a 3-year term at an annual congregational meeting, and meet monthly with their respective groups.

The ministry of a deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of compassion, witness, and service. The nine deacons at Irondequoit Presbyterian Church minister one on one with an assigned group of congregation members to help comfort those who may be in distress, lonely, suffering from illness, or are in need of special support.

Church Session - 2015

Ruling Elders
Class of 2015 
Dave Eckstrand
Sheryl Keegan
Jen Nicoletti

Class of 2016    
Norma Carter (Clerk)
Carol Herring
Barb Eisenmann

Class of 2017  
Lee Blowers
Steve Bryson
Zeke Hurd

Church Deacons - 2015

Class of 2015
Ann Ellis
Deb Hustis
Cindy Kristensen

Class of 2016   
Kathy Thomas
Tracy Eckstrand
Tricia Monigle

Class of 2017
Stephanie Abel
Renee Cohen
Bev Jerzak