Small Group Adult Study

Looking for an opportunity to grow yourself spiritually, make new friends, and engage in meaningful fellowship and discussion? Whether you’re an active church member or simply someone seeking answers to some of life’s difficult questions, IPC’s Adult Study Groups are a great way to grow, be supported, and gain new perspectives.

Several different study groups generally meet weekly and utilize a variety of curricula and program materials, many from well-known theologians and authors. The IPC Small Group Program supports our mission of being “rooted in Christ’s love” and “growing strong in faith” together. Through scriptural study, prayer, and discernment, each group builds a strong foundation of Christian love and discipleship that helps us to more effectively “branch out to serve” our community.

Current Small Group Program

Feasting on the Word—New Small Group Study

When the congregation of IPC embarked on the New Beginnings process four years ago, we recognized that our own spiritual development was central to our ability to grow together as Christians. As our mission statement took shape, being rooted in Christ’s love was the foundation of our ability to grow stronger in faith and to branch out to serve others. Being “rooted in Christ” became more than just part of our mission statement. It became a guiding principle that has transformed our congregation and brought us closer together in Christian fellowship. Through small group programs of collective Bible study, reflection, and prayer, our members have engaged in meaningful spiritual development that has helped us to better understand and define our mission. We’ve learned how to constructively share ideas, voice concerns, and to experience how God is working in our lives each day.

After reflecting on the past three years under our new mission plan, the Strategic Planning Team and church Session asked, “how can we improve and grow on what’s been started”? “How can we engage more members of the congregation and all faith seekers in this process of spiritual growth?” Our solution came in a new small group curriculum called, Feasting on the Word”. This Bible study program follows the Revised Common Lectionary of scriptures published and used by many Christian churches throughout the church year. These specific scripture passages become the focus of our weekly sermons. By crafting a Bible Study around these same passages each week, we can now create meaningful connections between worship and education in our small group studies. It also means that everyone in the congregation now has the opportunity to learn and grow together, even if they haven’t been part of a small group in the past. Both the congregation and our small groups will now be able to review and reflect on the lectionary scripture each week, prior to worship. Our hope is that this will bring new richness and meaning to the message brought to us by Pastor Fowler in his sermon each week, and will also provide new opportunities for discussion and understanding.

Why not join a small group now and experience the fellowship, strength, wisdom, and fulfillment that group participation can bring? There are currently 3 organized small groups meeting for this Fall program. Dates and times for each group are listed below.

  • Wednesday Night Group – 7:00pm at IPC
  • Saturday Morning Group – 10:00am at home of Carol Herring
  • Saturday Morning Group – 10:30am at IPC

Don’t see a time or schedule that’s good for you? Let us know when you would like to meet, and we may be able to arrange another group around that schedule. For more information or to sign up, contact any of our small group leaders through the church office (266-3370):

Dave Eckstrand
Tracy Eckstrand
Carol Herring
Jim Tappon
Steve Bryson

Curriculum resource materials will be sent out to congregation members via email each week so that all can participate in this new program.

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