Ministries & Service

Shepherding Program
Each of the twelve deacons “shepherd” our church members and friends of the congregation. This is done by maintaining contact via telephone, notes, cards, home visits, or contacts at church. In this way, the deacon learns of any special needs, either long term or temporary, when there has been an illness, death, or life-changing event in their lives, as well as family, health or church issues. With the Shepherding Program, church members and friends feel connected and an important part of the church family. Any conversations between the deacon and a member remain confidential, and information is shared with the pastor only with approval.
Stephen Ministry

Currently, Irondequoit Presbyterian Church’s Stephen Ministry program is inactive. Please contact¬†266-3370 for additional information.

Stephen Ministry is confidential Christian Care giving. It is one-on-one lay Christian care for anyone who is in need of a confidential, nonjudgmental, safe, listening ear. Like Stephen in the early church, our church realizes there are hurting individuals everywhere.

A Stephen Minister is not a professional counselor, but a spiritual friend who provides distinctively Christian care through process-oriented goals for care receivers, with Jesus at the center of the relationship and God as the cure giver.

Our Stephen Ministers receive 50 hours of training to equip them to provide support to people in crisis or to those who wish to share any life circumstance – past, present or future. These highly trained individuals are here and ready to help people through the difficult times in their lives.

Stephen Ministry is YOUR ministry. It is an important way we at Irondequoit Presbyterian Church care for one another. It is not just for “big” crises, but for little ones as well!

Stephen Ministers are available when you are going through a difficult time. Many times the little things can really add up. Don’t wait until you have a really big crisis; consider Stephen Ministry if the little things have you feeling down.

If you are going through a difficult time, consider having a Stephen Minister. If you know someone else who is facing difficulties, suggest that they request Stephen Ministry.