Use of Church Facilities

We welcome members of the community to use our facilities. We ask that you read and agree to the conditions outlined below and use the application form at the bottom of this page.

Conditions for Use of Church Facilities

Application must be received prior to the 1st day of the month preceding the month of the event in order to be approved by both the Property/Maintenance committee and the Session of the church.

No SMOKING is allowed in any Irondequoit Presbyterian facility or on any part of the Irondequoit Presbyterian parking lots, lawns or other property. No ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES may be carried, stored or ingested in any Irondequoit Presbyterian facility or in parking lots, on lawns or anywhere else on IPC property.

The organization and their responsible individuals are responsible for the safety and conduct of their members and visitors while on church premises and will ensure that all organization members/visitors adhere to the “Conditions for Use of Church Facilities.”

  • A copy of the organization’s insurance coverage must be submitted to the church.
  • Any accident, injury or damage to church property must be reported to the church office. The organization will be responsible for any pursuant insurance claims and/or will be responsible to reimburse the church for damage or breakage or any church property or equipment by members/visitors of the organization.

The organization should make themselves aware of the location of emergency exits.

  • A telephone is available at the bottom of the stairwell on the basement level, near the kitchen, for emergency calls. No other calls are permitted.
  • Dial 911 for Fire, Police or Emergency Medical assistance.
  • Any problems with the building should be conveyed immediately to the Property/Maintenance person, Joe Hinchman – cell 269-9807 – home 544-2262 or Weldon Brinson – cell 370-1415 – home 467-2634.

No activities may be undertaken and no other areas of church property may be utilized except as approved by the Session of the church . No church equipment or supplies may be used except as specified on the application.

  • Organizations using the 3rd floor lounge or worship areas will use bathrooms on the third floor only.
  • Organizations using the social hall and/or mezzanine may use the bathrooms on the basement level only.
  • The organization is responsible for seeing that bathrooms are left in the same or better condition than they are found.

Organization leaders may park in the small Williams Street parking lot to facilitate setting up for meetings/events but all group members and visitors will be instructed by the organization to park in the larger Perrin Drive lot behind the church building.

  • Organizations, such as scout troops, who may occasionally intend to have group members, meet at the church to leave on a field trip or gather outside IPC for any other reason will request permission from the church office no later than two weeks before you would like to do this.
  • Any gathering of cars or organization members on church property is to occur in the large Perrin Drive lot behind the church. The smaller Williams Street lot is never to be used for such purposes.

The organization is responsible for handling setup and putting away of all tables, chairs and equipment whose use may have been approved. The organization will bring their own soap, detergent, dishcloths and plastic bags for cleanup and will assure that all tables are washed down and spills cleaned before leaving. The organization will place all garbage/trash in a plastic bag and remove it to the dumpster in the Williams Street parking lot at the end of the meeting/event.

The organization will ensure that all doors and windows are closed and locked and that all lights are turned off in the church building before leaving.

The organization’s responsible party will pick up and return the entrance key as arranged and will not allow anyone not participating in the event to enter the building or to use church facilities.

The building use permit can be terminated within 30 days by written consent by either party.

Church Facilities

Application for Use of Church Facilities
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